Do I Need to Replace My Deck?

Decks are often the favorite hang-out spot at someone’s house. They’re the perfect outdoor space that provide year-round entertainment and living space. However, just like other living spaces in your home, a deck can degrade and need some maintenance.

Decks that need to be repaired or replaced may not reveal their flaws until it’s too late. This is why it’s extremely important to continually maintain and inspect your deck throughout the year. Here are some common signs to look for.


A Sinking Feeling or Unstable Footing

All decks are built on some sort of foundation. If your deck appears to be sinking, you may have a foundation problem. Deck footings are the main support for a heavy amount of weight. This weight can be furniture, grills, flowerpots, and people. Adding all of that together can be upwards of a thousand pounds. Having a sound, structural foundation is essential. If you see that your deck is sinking, it’s probably time to call a deck contractor.


Rickety or Wobbly Railings

While a loose railing may not an immediate safety hazard for some, there are still some concerns. A loose railing may end up falling off the side by itself. It can also be the beginning of a structural problem or be a sign of rot or rust.

A loose railing is an immediate safety hazard when children are involved or if you have an elevated deck. The problem is worse if these two are combined. The last thing you want is for children to play with an unstable railing. Or, have guests over than lean up against it.


Cracked, Splintered, or Loose Deck Boards

Damaged or loose floorboards is the most common sign that your deck needs repaired. If you have an older deck that is made from traditional wooden deck, it will likely splinter or crack over time. This is due to the constant exposure to the elements, insects, and pressure. If there are just a few boards that need repair, that’s an easy fix. However, if the entire deck seems spongy-like, it’s most likely unsafe.

When you do replace your deck, you will have the option of replacing it with wood or composite decking. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Rusty Nails or Metal Connectors

There’s a big problem is hardware is missing or eroded. Nuts and bolts are what hold everything together. The more rust you find on these, the more unstable your deck is. A weakening internal structure is a danger to you and your family.


JJ’s Quality Homes

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