Lists are a good way to keep our thoughts organized. We make grocery lists, to-do lists, and so on. But have you ever thought about a basement wish list? There’s no better way to track and prioritize your home improvement plans!

Here’s a few tips on creating that basement remodel dream list.



Every successful project begins with a good brainstorming session. So, grab a pen and write down all possible ideas you have – achievable or not. Challenge yourself to think of everything you’ve ever wanted to include in a basement remodel. Have you always dreamed of a dedicated arts and crafts room? Or do you want your own personal home gym? What about a mini movie theater? Add in a wet-bar and popcorn machine if you want. At this point in the process, nothing is off limits. Dream big.



Okay, now comes the serious part of the basement remodel. Set aside your dream list and take some time to look at your current home. Ask yourself what frustrates you the most. Is there a place with a dysfunctional feature? Or maybe you just don’t like the layout. Perhaps you don’t have a quiet spot for those Zoom meetings, or you feel like your teens have taken control of the living room. No matter the flaw, write down your list, prioritizing most annoying features to least.



This is the time to take your two lists and compare. Are there any overlapping areas or ideas between the two? For example, if you feel that your teens have taken control of the living room, maybe you should go with the mini movie theatre idea. On the other hand, if you are dying for some quiet space for Zoom meetings, maybe it’s the arts and crafts room that gets put to the top of the list because it can double as an office space.



Now that you have a prioritized list of your basement remodel, take a look at the current layout. Take notes of what you know cannot be moved or changed (at least, not without incurring a large cost). Some examples would be the location of the furnace or HVAC equipment. You may also want to note where plumbing stub-out locations are for the placement of any bathrooms or wet bars. While all of this can be moved, the cost will be less if you keep them nearby their current locations.



Discussing these ideas with your basement remodel contractor is a great way to make sure you get what you want. These pros will draw up plans that align with what you want and stay within current building and electrical codes.


JJ’s Quality Homes will work with you to help create the basement makeover of your dreams.

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