A deck is more than just a place to sit. It’s a space to entertain, hang out with friends and family, or a spot for you to enjoy some peaceful alone time. There are several types of decks out there and a deck doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to your house. You can place it in an unused spot in your yard, up against a hill or slope, or even use different tiers. It’s up to you on how creative you want your deck build to be.


Types of Decks

Wraparound Deck

Similar to a wraparound porch, a wraparound deck goes around the outside of your home. Unlike a porch, a deck can provide more room in certain areas. A wraparound deck is also slightly elevated. One of the biggest perks of a wraparound deck is the extended living space of your home. It also assists with air circulation when doors and windows are open – which can also cut down on air conditioning costs. This type of deck allows you to find a shady or sunny spot throughout the day.


Multi-Tier Deck

This is the perfect deck build if you have a large property of if you have property that changes in elevation. A multi-tier, or two-story deck, will have different levels that are connected by steps or paths. This is particularly beneficial if you have a tricky terrain, live on a hill or slope, or you have rocky landscaping. The benefits of this deck include maximizing your space and creating distinct spaces on different levels. For example, you could have one level for grilling and eating outside while the other level is for relaxing and soaking up the sun. It also adds a strong visual appeal to your home because multi-tier decks can act as elaborate and beautiful designs alone.


Attached Deck

An attached deck is similar to a patio or porch, except that is made from different materials. The wood or wood composite is built slightly raised and most commonly built in the backyard. This deck build is popular with L-shaped and U-shaped houses. These deck builds can provide additional living space and can come with shade if an overhead roof is included.


Detached Deck

Think of a detached deck like an island. It’s not attached to anything, and it can be positioned anywhere on your property. You typically access this deck build with stairs or a pathway. You can place this deck over areas with poor drainage, an uneven, rocky terrain, or even just a spot you want to cover up in the yard. Some people add complimentary landscaping around these decks, like bushes or flowerbeds.


Rooftop Deck or Over Garage Deck

This type of deck build is a great idea if you have a flat roof to work with. You just need to make sure you get the structural and engineering aspects tested first to ensure stability and safety of this deck. A rooftop or over garage deck is perfect for those in an urban setting. It offers better views, more privacy, and can even offer a nice breeze due to the elevation.


Deck Remodel

Whether you’re looking to add to your current deck or create a new one, JJ’s Quality Homes has the knowledge and experience to give you the deck of your dreams.

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